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Introducing caprylic CBD oil. Blue Harvest is the first to combine hemp-derived CBD with C8 coconut oil for more efficient metabolism and better results.

Ancient wisdom, modern methods

People have relied on hemp-based remedies as medicine for nearly five thousand years. Our hemp is grown in Colorado and processed in pharmaceutical-grade laboratories utilizing cold CO2 extraction.

Experience life with Blue Harvest

Natural ingredients, Unique formulas, Easy to use.

Caprylic CBD Oil

Convenient and consistent for everyday optimal wellness.

An unmatchable, soothing experience… We hand select specific flowers, roots, and herbs and combine them with hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD). Your body will be thankful.

Comfort Balm

Apply directly onto skin for an unmatchable, soothing experience.

Natural ingredients for maximum effectiveness

Blue Harvest is committed to pursuing purity and consistency in all our products. We use organic, hemp derived pure Cannabidiol (CBD), C8 coconut oil, and hand select herbs, roots, and flowers for our topical products.

Get the facts

Blue harvest uses pure Cannabidiol (CBD), also referred to as isolate. In 2018, the FDA approved the first CBD pharmaceutical, Epidiolex, which uses isolate as its primary active ingredient.

The Blue Harvest Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, return your product within 45 days for a refund. No questions asked.


Training for the Boston Marathon

By |April 12th, 2021|

My Boston Marathon coach opened our first meeting with “You don’t have to be a strong runner to run the Boston Marathon, you just have to be strong.” September 2018 marked a bit over two years since I graduated college. Two years spent in denial, two years spent coasting, two years wasted. I found myself stuck […]

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