The holidays are here and that means many of us are traveling to be with our loved ones this season. Getting there is half the battle, and definitely adds to our stress and anxiety.

CBD will help reduce your anxiety, as we know. According to the World Health Organization, humidity in an airplane is around 20%, or lower than the humidity of the Sahara Desert. Therefore, doing a number on our bodies, from migraines to Jet Lag, nausea to bloating.

Here are a few tips to staying healthy when traveling this holiday season:

Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water before your flight, and sip on water throughout.

Avoid caffeine & alcohol. These beverages contribute to dehydration and a loss of moisture. Therefore, prevent over-drying of the nasal passages by avoiding these drinks and by substituting them with glasses of water during your flight.

Oil your nostrils! The dry air in flight breaks down mucous barriers, making it easier to catch what bugs might be present in the air. You can use your CBD oil to coat your nostrils. I squirt a little on the end of my pinky finger and apply directly.

Moisturize your skin. Fatty acids are good moisturizers because they help prevent your cells from dehydrating. Consider taking an omega-3 oil pill before traveling.

Sanitize. The tray tables, call light, arm rests, head rest, etc., are filled with bacteria. You’ll be touching all of those things. Bring along a hand sanitizer!

Take your CBD! Use Blue Harvest CBD to help fight inflammation and pain during the flight. Sitting down for long periods of time, especially in a confined space and at high altitude, can have a negative impact on your health. Avoid crossing your legs or twisting your spine. Getting up and moving around regularly will help to reduce the pressure on your lower back. Walk up and down the cabin and try doing some stretches at least every hour.

Happy Holidays!