An Interview with KOVAL Distillery


Back in March, when COVID-19 started to make an impact in the US, we saw companies around the country pivot their everyday efforts to helping those most affected by COVID-19. It’s impressive and inspiring to see Chicago based companies such as Koval pioneer positive change amidst the COVID pandemic. There was a point when sanitizer « Read More »

Daylight Saving Time and Your Health

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Daylight Saving Time (DST) has been practiced for over a hundred years in the United States. You know the drill, Spring Forward/Fall Back, and yet every year we dread the change. Perhaps because this change has been shown to affect our health, both mentally and physically. In fact, studies report that falling back to gain « Read More »

Blue Harvest Comfort Balm Ingredients

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We hand select specific flowers, roots, and herbs and combine with hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) to bring you an unmatched experience. Our recipe took 7 years to perfect - and the process takes days, as we let the ingredients simmer allowing for each plant to connect with the next. Thirteen organic herbs, roots and flowers are « Read More »

How to Read a COA

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Reading a COA As new CBD companies flood the market, it becomes more and more difficult to trust the legitimacy of the products you’re purchasing. Fortunately, many are adopting the best practice of publishing a Certificate of Analysis (“COA”) for each product they are selling.  What is a COA? A certificate of analysis is a « Read More »

The Bliss Molecule


Our bodies produce cannabinoids naturally. Anandamide is produced in the cell membranes and tissues of the body. It plays an important role in the regulation of appetite, pleasure and reward. Anandamide has also been found in chocolate and is thought to be partly responsible for the intense enjoyment experienced while eating it! Speaking of the « Read More »

CBD for Runners and Athletes

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I’m a runner. I use CBD. In particular, I use the Blue Harvest CBD comfort balm (as needed) and Caprylic CBD Oil – three sprays once every day. I wanted to write some of my thoughts about CBD use for runners specifically, athletes in general, because many of my peers STILL don’t understand the benefits. […]

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